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Kwadacha Community Church

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Fort Ware, B.C.

V0J 3B0

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In December 1979, the log church in Fort Ware burned to the ground. After fifteen years of holding church services in a converted house, the people of the remote village of Fort Ware, B.C. came together to build a new church.


This church is testament to the craftsmanship, cooperation, and resilience of this remote community. The building serves the varied spiritual and religious needs of the 400 people in Fort Ware.


Following the missionary efforts of the Mary Immaculate sisters and the years of residential schooling at Lejac Indian Residential School, the people of Fort Ware became Roman Catholic.


Over the years, community members have joined different Christian groups, as well as formed their own private Christian beliefs. Our church is a place for everyone, regardless of sect or creed, to seek spiritual guidance, relief and peace.

The Old Church



The New Church


Our community came together to build this Church.

The very Old Church 

(Which burned down in 1979)