Aatse Davie School

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Education in Kwadacha is governed by the Kwadacha Education Society.


This group of dedicated volunteers acts on behalf of Chief and Council to oversee the education of band members of all ages, within and outside of Fort Ware.


The Kwadacha Education Society is Victor McCook, Cathy Warren,  Andreas Rohrbach, Donny Van Somer, Faye Seymour, Carolyn McCook, and Verna Charlie.



The purposes of the Education Society are:

1) to provide educational opportunities to all members of the Kwadacha Nation;

2) to promote educational excellence in Fort Ware; and

3) to take advantage of educational funding opportunities only available to a registered society

of The
​​Davie School


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Aatse Davie School


Aatse Davie School