Health & Wellness

Kwadacha Health and Wellness

Meet Kwadacha Health Director Eileen Ruth.​

The Kwadacha Health Department has demonstrated consistent leadership addressing the gap in health services for First Nations in remote and isolated communities.


The Kwadacha Health Team provides health and social development services to all Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community members located in Fort Ware, as well as to other Kwadacha members located off-reserve and in other communities. 


The Kwadacha Health Department is committed to the following vision for the community:

  • Individuals, families and community members are empowered to achieve and maintain their optimal level of health;

  • Clients and patients feel that their needs for success are supported in a confidential and respectful manner;

  • The department networks with all available resources in order to ensure quality services for all clients;

  • The community is aware of the possibilities and processes of interdependence, including facilitated access to services and supports; and 

  • We work in harmony as a Team which leads to a visible harmony in the community to benefit and strengthen the entire Kwadacha Nation.


Our staff provides the following services: 

  • Access to Doctors and Nurses at the New Community Health Clinic

  • Medical Travel Clerk

  • Community Health Representative

  • MCFD Liaison

  • Home Care Support Workers

  • Drug and Alcohol services (NNADAP)

  • Mental Health Services / counselling

  • Dental Services

  • Eye Doctors



 Kwadacha Nation worked with health partners Native Education College (NEC) and the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA)  to develop and deliver training for Certified Care Aides for students in Kwadacha and Tsay Keh Dene. 


With the help of Telehealth, community members were able to access training they wouldn't be able to do if they had to leave their communities. The students recently completed their home care practicums in Kwadacha and Tsay Keh Dene and In July, Kwadacha graduated its first two Certified Care Aides, Dana McCook and Farrah Pierre.  Elaine McIsaac will be the first in Tsay Keh Dene.


Isobel McDonald, FNHA's Home and Community Care Professional Practice Consultant supervised the students during their home and community care practicum.  She says, 'It was a pleasure to work with these students. They are so enthusiastic and committed to helping the Elders in their communities. They have excellent skills. I hope they will consider taking steps towards RN training when they are ready.'