History of Kwadacha 


The Kwadacha Nation (Tsek'ene) is commonly known as Fort Ware. Kwadacha is located 570 km North of Prince George BC at the confluence of the Fox, the Kwadacha, and Finlay rivers in the Rocky Mountain Trench.  


In 1920, a trading post was founded at Fort Ware.


The Fort Ware Band was established when some members of the Fort Grahame Band (south of the Finlay and Ingenika rivers) split off to form an independent band at Fort Ware.  In 1959, the two bands amalgamated as the Finlay River Band.  The Finlay River Band divided into the Fort Ware and Ingenika bands in 1970.  The Fort Ware Band later became known as the Kwadacha Nation.


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The old Post Office
Picture supplied by Bill Van Somer
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