Kwadacha Natural Resources

Kwadacha Natural Resources Agency Ltd.Kwadacha Natural Resources Agency Ltd. in conjunction with the Kwadacha First Nation envisions the proper stewardship, and care of all natural resources above and below ground while maintaining the environment and sustaining economic growth within the Kwadacha traditional territory.

Our vision is to maintain the natural wilderness characteristics of the area and to help preserve the abundance of fish and wildlife and their habitats over time as all living things are connected.

As first peoples we are one with the earth and therefore our vision reflects the inherent responsibility of caring for the land, water, fish, people and wildlife from the Kwadacha First Nation perspective. This vision encompasses the spiritual interconnection of these elements found in our ancestral lands now and for the future generations.

Rodney Seymour, Melvin McCook, Arnold McCook and Carolyn McCook.

Board of Directors:

  • Rodney Seymour
  • Melvin McCook
  • Arnold McCook
  • Carolyn McCook

Dave Crampton- President

Bio and job description to come

Danny Case - CEO KNRA and Vice-chair Lands and Resources Kaska Dene Council

Danny Case
Danny Case has lived and worked in Fort Ware for over 13 years. When Danny first moved to Fort Ware he worked with Kwadacha FN as the director of the Maintenance department. After 6 years, Danny then moved on to natural resources as the Vice Chair of the Kwadacha Natural Resources Agency, helping to build the business from the Fort Ware standpoint. Danny has helped the KNRA grow into the business that it is today and has since been promoted to Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Danny was also recently voted in as Vice-Chair of Lands and Resources for the Kaska Dene Council.  Aside from business, Danny enjoys spending time with his wife and children, fishing, hunting and camping.

Mason Abou - Executive Assistant

Mason was raised in Iskut, B.C and moved over to Kwadacha in 2004. He graduated from Aatse Davie School in 2007. Mason has worked various jobs in Kwadacha from labour work to being a teacher’s assistant and is now the KNRA Executive Assistant. He is also working on pursuing a music career as a hip hop artist and co manager of Dead End Records. He has become a father to a set of twins a girl and a boy. On his free time he enjoys going out hunting and spending time with his 2 little ones.
Mason’s requirements are to provide personal administrative support and assistance to executive staff. Mason’s  tasks include preparation and editing correspondence, communications, presentations and other documents, filing and retrieving documents and reference materials, conducting research, assembling and analyzing data to prepare reports and documents, managing and maintaining executives’ schedules, as well as to arrange and coordinate meetings and training, record, transcribe and distribute minutes of meetings and to co-ordinate project-based work. Provides work for community members when he can.

Marissa Fairchild- Secretary

Marissa recently graduated with a dogwood diploma in June 2011. Marissa has been living in and out of Kwadacha for the past three years and was recently hired as Secretary for the KNRA. During her spare time she likes to be productive and do things such as beading and reading novels.
Marissa is to provide personal administrative support to management and the company through conducting and organizing administrative duties and activities including receiving and handling information. Marissa’s task include preparing and managing correspondence, reports and documents, organizing and coordinate meetings, conferences, travel arrangements as well as to take, type and distribute minutes of meetings and to implement and maintain office systems, maintaining schedules and calendars, handle incoming mail and other material, set up and maintain filing systems, communicate verbally and in writing to answer inquiries and provide information and operate office equipment including managing office space.

Shawna Case- Human Resource Initiative Planning Kaska Dene Council

Shawna Case
Shawna is a member of the Kwadacha Nation, married to Danny Case, mother and step mom to 8 beautiful children.  Shawna is currently working towards her Bachelor of Commerce through TRU-OL.  Shawna enjoys walking, travelling, fishing and camping with her family at her cabin at Long Lake.
Shawna initiates, executes, and supports the role and activities of the Kwadacha Nation in the areas of internal and external communication, media relations, education and promotional plans, and publication management with outcomes that support the Kwadacha Nation overall goals and maintain a positive public image of the Kwadacha Nation.  Shawna facilitates focus groups, committee meetings and information meetings when required.  Advises Kwadacha Chief and Council members on communications matters when required, writes and edits various communications documents, Plans, organizes, and implements various communications initiatives on behalf of Kwadacha Nation.