Post Secondary Education

A Post-Secondary Education program is in place to provide guidance and financial support for band members who are attending a post-secondary institution outside of Kwadacha. The program supports many students, in communities all over Canada, including Prince George, Vancouver, and Kamloops.





The mission statement of the Kwadacha Education Society’s Post-Secondary Policy is to assist in education and training of band members. To develop confident, skilled and qualified individuals who will contribute to the growth and prosperity of the Kwadacha community.




To ensure equitable distribution of Post-Secondary funds. To establish guidelines for funding. To encourage the individual growth of Band members through the pursuit of certified training and Post-Secondary studies. To establish priorities in funding as determined by the needs of the community.






This fund has three main purposes for Kwadacha Nation members on and off reserve :

To support Post Secondary upgrading, short courses or training that is non- Kwadacha Education Society Post-Secondary Policy (INAC) funded.

The second purpose is to provide support for recreational activities. 

The third purpose is to provide assistance for off reserve Kwadacha Nation members to purchase school supplies.




Accessing funding for short courses, training programs, recreational programs and school supplies will follow a short application process. This process is flexible and responsive with a short turn around time from requesting funding to securing it. This fund is administered by the Kwadacha Education Society and is available throughout the year when funding is available.


Upgrading/Short Courses


The post-secondary upgrading and short courses component will follow the John Poole Education Fund Upgrading policy. Copies of the policy are available through the Kwadacha Education Society or the Kwadacha Nation Prince George office. Complete application packages will be reviewed by the Kwadacha Education Society on a monthly basis.


Accessing funding for short courses or other training programs will follow a short application process. An application package is available for Kwadacha Nation members to complete and submit to the Kwadacha Education Society. 



For a sponsorship application package.

Cathy Warren 

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