Historical Land Use

Legacy Project

Kwadacha Nation is using modern technology to capture ancient knowledge. Information on land use, Elder stories, cultural celebrations and community achievements are being recorded and stored for future generations. This is an historic opportunity for our people to take ownership of the Kwadacha story.

Elders Camp

Culture Camp 2018.png

The 2018 Elders traditional camp was a great success. We camped at Seymour culture camp with the entire Kwadacha Elders' group for three weeks.  

We had a camp cook and a few youth assisting the Elders.  


Thanks to Chief Donny and councillor Bradley, we had elk meat.  A few days later, Curtis supplied our camp with moose meat.   



Elders camp at Seymour Culture Camp 2018

Interview Elders

Emil McCook

Thanks to partnership support from the BC Capacity Initiative, we archive our interviews, stories, capture knowledge of our traditional territories, promote language revitalization, and share this information with our future generations.


Emil McCook is talking at the council fire about the importance of maintaining our traditional lifestyle 


Community Database 


The Kwadacha Historical Land Use Legacy database grows larger every year.  We have over a 200 videos in the database and over 1000 pictures in the community archive  system.    

In keeping with our Elders' voice, only Kwadacha members have the right to view our database and its contents, thereby maintaining the ownership and integrity of our cultural legacy. 


We are continuing to interview Elders, record events, and digitize every story

Elder Meetings

In keeping with our traditions, the Kwadacha Elders provide leadership and guidance to our community.

Elder meetings ensure that the Elders are regularly informed and advise new and existing community developments. 



Kwadacha Nation is privileged to have such strong and organized leadership from our Elders