Lands & Resources

Shared Vision 

Kaska and the Province are in a government-to-government relationship consistent with the vision of the New Relationship as defined in the Transformative Change Accord.

Kaska and the Province of British Columbia  (BC) are committed to work towards achieving reconciliation by supporting Shared Decision Making between the Kaska and the Province with respect to the lands, water and resources in the Kaska Traditional Territory; 


Kaska and the Province recognize and respect that each Party has their own respective policies, management systems, practices and internal decision-making processes to support implementation of this Agreement; 


Kaska and the Province seek to create an efficient and effective Shared Decision Framework that will reduce land and resource sector conflicts; provide greater certainty; fulfill specific legal obligations of the Province; and improve business relationships;


Kaska and the Province will implement this Strategic Engagement Agreement in good faith to achieve open, transparent and accountable Shared Decision Making;


Kaska and the Province support efficient use of internal resources and respect each other’s resource and capacity limitations in the implementation of this Strategic Engagement Agreement. Kaska and the Province intend to negotiate arrangements to share the revenue and benefits generated from the lands and resources within the Kaska Traditional Territory. 


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