John R. McCook

Kwadacha Treaty Negotiator

Kwadacha is a member of the Kaska Dena Council, an organization formed in 1981 to advance the interests of Kaska communities in treaty negotiations. Other members include:


Dease River First Nation (Good Hope Lake, BC)

Daylu Dena Council (Lower Post, BC)


In 1994, Kwadacha and the other two BC bands formed a treaty group and entered the BC treaty process. The treaty group was expanded in 2000 to include the two Yukon bands.


Canada suspended negotiations in 2003 after the parties had reached stage four of the six-stage process. In 2008, Canada resumed negotiations with the two Yukon bands in a separate process.


BC treaty negotiations with the BC bands have not resumed. However, the BC Kaska Dena Council bands entered into a Strategic Engagement Agreement with British Columbia on March 27, 2012.