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Kwadacha Education Society

providing educational opportunities to all members of the Kwadacha Nation

Kwadacha Nation’s education is administered by the Kwadacha Education Society. The Purpose of the Kwadacha Education Society is to provide educational opportunities to all members of the Kwadacha Nation, promote educational excellence in Kwadacha and to take advantage of educational funding opportunities only available to a registered society. 

The Kwadacha Education Society consists of eleven voluntary Director positions. Nine of the directors have voting rights, Chief and Council hold one of those voting directorships. Both the Education Director and the Post-Secondary Director are members but can only vote in the case of a tie. The Kwadacha Education Society holds meetings 6 times a year.

The Kwadacha Education Society administers:

Licenced as a multi-age facility with a capacity of 12 children.

Certified independent school from Kindergarten to grade 12 with 100 Students.

Providing adult education, located in the Learning Centre.

Sponsoring full and part-time college and university students.

Ts’oodawa Zoza Keghehdihde

Kwadacha Daycare/ Head Start

Kwadacha Nation’s future is with our children. If we take care of our children by meeting their needs and empowering them to deal positively with the demands of their future, then the outlook for themselves, their families and their community will be a positive one.

The Kwadacha Education Society, through its Daycare/Head Start program wishes to help encourage caring, knowledge and pride in families so that they may continue to teach their children the skills which are necessary to thrive in the world today. To help secure this better future for our children, our program has taken an early intervention philosophy which will aid in building child and family’s sense of self and creativity.

Our Head Start program will include elements of the following six goals:

  1. Parent Involvement
  2. Culture and Language
  3. Education
  4. Health Promotion
  5. Nutrition
  6. Social Programs

Aatse Davie School

Work, Respect and Belonging are the core belief values of our school

Aatse Davie School is located in Fort Ware, B.C., home of the Kwadacha Nation which is an isolated Kaska-Tsek’ene community located 600km north of Prince George BC. It lies at the confluence of the Fox, the Kwadacha and Finlay rivers in the Rocky Mountain Trench. We have 19 professional staff and 10 support staff. We have a student population of 100 from Kindergarten to grade 12.
The mission of Aatse Davie School is to develop all students into confident, responsible individuals with strong self-esteem, pride in heritage and community, and who are able to function successfully within and outside of Kwadacha.

Kwadacha Dune Tiiy Centre

providing equal opportunity, encouragement and support for lifelong learning

The Mission of the Kwadacha Dune Tiiy Centre is to provide equal opportunity, encouragement and support for lifelong learning in the realization of goals for all community members. The Kwadacha Dune Tiiy Centre will promote preservation of culture and history of the Tsek’ene people.

The Kwadacha Dune Tiiy Centre provides Adult Graduation through Aatse Davie School for those Adults who wish to obtain an Adult Dogwood Diploma. It provides support to post-secondary students currently enrolled in studies and supports individuals pursuing personal non-credit educational upgrading.

Post Secondary Education

supporting many students in communities all over Canada

The Kwadacha Education Society Post-Secondary Education Policy was completed in the summer of 2002 and is kept up to date annually.  The Post-Secondary Policy was developed to provide students with a comprehensive, detailed guide to the Kwadacha Nation Post-Secondary Education Program.  The policy contains some of the most appropriate parts of the Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) Program Guidelines, combined with the rules and regulations more suited to the Kwadacha Nation.  We believe that this open administration enables the continued development of policy that will treat all students in a consistent and fair manner.  This policy is subject to amendment from time to time based on changes to the ISC Post-Secondary Education Program, the needs of the students, Nation and budget.

Kwadacha Education Society administers the Post-Secondary program out of the Aatse Davie School in Fort Ware, BC.  Kwadacha Nation members seeking sponsorship for College or University eligible programs can contact Cathy Warren at  Application packages can be emailed or put in the mail.


Aatse Davie School

Aaste Davie School

Aatse Davie School

Andreas Rohrbach

Aatse Davie School

Faye Seymour

Aatse Davie School

Cathy Warren

Cathy Warren is a Kwadacha Nation band member who has been employed with Kwadacha Education Society since 2001. Cathy takes on various roles within the education system in Fort Ware, BC. Cathy’s main job is administration support to Kwadacha Daycare, Aatse Davie School K-12, Kwadacah Dune Tiiy and administers the Post-Secondary department. Cathy has earned her Bachelor Degree-General Studies through Thompson Rivers University and her Elementary Teaching Degree through Simon Fraser University.