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Kwadacha Elders

the Gatekeepers of First Nations wisdom, knowledge, and history

Elders have been the Gatekeepers of First Nations wisdom, knowledge, and history. Elders traditionally hold crucial roles in supporting both formal and informal education in First Nations communities. They impart tradition, knowledge, culture, values, and lessons using orality and role modeling traditional practices. https://firstnationspedagogy.ca/elders.html

Kwadacha Elders' Society members

Kwadacha Nation values and recognizes it's Elders

Kwadacha Nation values and recognizes it’s Elders. Recognition as an Elder in our community begins at age 55+. The pictures viewed are Elders who participate in our Elders group. Not all Elders are involved in our group by their own personal choice. Renovation of the former clinic into the Kwadacha Elders’ Centre (Dune Tiyh Koh) began in June 2014.

Elders' Updates

Elder's Tea

picked, harvested and prepared

Kwadacha Elders’ Dune Tiyah Society have created their own tea venture from traditional plants grown within their region. Labrador Tea is one of the most well-known traditional teas in British Columbia. Tii-Mastet is the traditional Kwadacha name for this tea.

It has been a yearly tradition to gather these plants, traveling to mountainous areas within the traditional territory. They picked, harvested and prepared the leaves to make this tea which was enjoyed by families on a daily basis.


Photography by Charlotte Boya - Fox Pass Sheep Camp

Amy McCook