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Spinell Healing Camp

Traveling from Kwadacha to Spinnel

Several youth travel from Kwadacha to Spinnel over the summer. Some travel by horse and other’s flew into Spinnel on the float plane.  


Rebecca Tallman

Rebecca has lived and worked in Kwadacha for the past seven years. Prior to taking on the role of Health Director, Rebecca was a community counsellor and the school counsellor at Aatse Davie School. Rebecca has a background in mental health, harm reduction, advocacy, and policy writing. She holds a Master’s in Social Work and a Master of Arts in International Development from the University of Northern British Columbia. As Health Director, Rebecca oversees all health programming within the community of Kwadacha. This includes primary health care services, patient travel, mental health and substance use, justice, home and elder care, and child and family services. Rebecca is a member of the First Nations Health Directors Association and sits on the board for the Stikine Wholistic Working Group. In her free time, Rebecca enjoys spending time in Kwadacha’ s big backyard, camping, fishing, hiking, kayaking, and snowmobiling.

Photography by Charlotte Boya - Fox Lake

Minnie Boya