Hunting & Safety

Safety and Information

Be Safe and Plan Ahead!

Be Safe

Review safety tips

Make sure you check out the Hunting Safety page to be fully prepared for your trip. Remember Kwadacha is a remote community, and the nearest hospital is in Mackenzie, B.C. (approximately 8 hours drive from Kwadacha

Be Prepared

Have enough supplies

Make sure you have enough supplies for yourself and everyone coming with you. Although the store in town has supplies, it is best to be prepared for any contingency. If you have questions about what the store offers, contact the Kwadacha Community store at 250-471-2600

Stay in Touch

Have a Radio

You will need to have a radio in your vehicle to get through the road safely. If you require a radio for travel to Kwadacha, you can rent one from Central Interior Communications in Prince George.

For your own safety and others, please follow these rules when going to Kwadacha

Hunting Information

Please respect all signs and Fill out necessary forms

Please be advised the “No Hunting” signs are there for the safety of our community members.

During each “hunting season” we are out on the land with our children, we call this Tse’kene (Sekani) Awareness; teaching our children the cultures and traditions of our ancestors.​

Please respect all signs and be aware that Kwadacha members are out in our Traditional Territory, hunting and camping too.

Permission To Hunt Application

Harvest Survey

For More Information

Wildlife encounters

Look out for Wildlife

At dawn and dusk, watch out for moose, deer, and game along the roadside. Where dangerous animals have been identified in the area, no person should walk alone. If it is possible always try to go out as a group and before you go to the wilderness, remember to carry safety equipment such as bear spray, fox 40 whistles, etc.

First Aid Procedures for Injury

Serious Injury- In need of urgent medical care/Transport

Remain Calm - Do not panic

to see if there is a First Aid attendant who can come and assess/Transport you. (Dunkley Camp RR9 km 200 Finlay FSR or Omenica camp RR8 km 172 Finlay FSR)

If you have no reply from camp get on the Bevel Radio channel and call for help. You will need to know what KM you are near and what road (Finlay, Chunamon, Swanell or Thomas Trail).

Once you have established communication stay in contact follow directions.

Do not leave the scene of an accident until the injured individual is taken care of.

 If you cannot contact the office using phone services or radio, try contacting any individual with radio or telephone access to relay the emergency to Office or Ambulance.

If you cannot reach anyone by phone or radio, send someone on site to establish contact from a point where you can relay messages.

If you do contact someone and help is on the way, stay in contact to provide emergency transport services with more details and receive instructions if required.