Kwadacha Nation

past & present


Shòwà’ nuk’ùnunusta


It is nice to see you again!


Kwadacha means "white water" in the Tsek'ene language

Covid 19

Kwadacha Nation is currently in stage 3 of the Pandemic Plan.  For more information please contact the Administration Office or the Kwadacha Office.

Current Projects

Hydro acknowledges the W.A.C. Bennett dam's dark side

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Donny Van Somer


Deputy Chief:

John R. McCook



Bradley Seymour

Darryl McCook

Mason Abou

Community Improvement Award

Clean Energy BC has recognized Kwadacha Nation for their efforts towards clean energy. 


Community Update

 3 Band Councillors

Kwadacha would like to applaud the re-election of Bradley Seymour and the two new councillors; Mason Abou and Darryl McCook.

Congratulations to all.

 2020 graduates Angela Hocken & Cynthia McCook

  Angela received a Bachelor of Education from SFU

Cynthia McCook is a graduate from Aatse Davie School

Congratulations Angela & Cynthia!  You make us all proud!  

Welcome to Kwadacha